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    Lov om avhending av fast eigedom (avhendingslova).

    Norway, Europe, Northern Europe

    The Act regulates the alienation of land or other real property through voluntary sale, exchange or donation. It is divided into 8 Chapters: General provisions (I); Preparation and carrying out of alienation (II); Condition of the real property and ownership (III); Claims of the buyer in case of breach of the sale agreement by the seller (IV); Claims of the seller in case of breach of the sale agreement by the buyer (V); General conditions in case of anticipated breach of the agreement (VI); General conditions regarding compensations. Interests (VII); Entry into force.

  2. Library Resource

    Forskrift om deklarering og merking av mikrobiologiske produkter med et bruksområde som medfører tilføring til det ytre miljø.

    Norway, Europe, Northern Europe

    This Decree of the Ministry of Environment implements in Norway EC Council Directive 83/189 laying down a procedure for the provision of information in the field of technical standards and regulations, as amended. The scope is to prevent damage caused by accidental or intentional release of micro organisms to public health or the environment. It does not apply to micro organisms covered by other Acts including the Plant Protection Substances Act, the fertilizer Act, the Food Act, and the Genetically Modified Organisms Act.

  3. Library Resource
    Norway, Europe, Northern Europe

    A Decree of the Department of the Environment to protect the environment from pollution from tanks for the storage of oil which are lying underground. The provisions of the Decree deal, inter alia, with: quality of tanks (sect. 4); control of tanks in general (sect. 5); periodical controls (sect. 6); automatic leakage control of tanks with double walls (sect. 7); notification of tanks to municipalities (sect. 9); supervisions and registration (sect. 10).

    Implements: Pollution Act (No. 6 of 1981). (2011-03-03)

  4. Library Resource

    Lov om jord (jordlova).

    Norway, Europe, Northern Europe

    An Act to provide for the sustainable use of land and natural resources on it.The text of Part I consists of 18 sections divided into 7 Chapters: Purposes of the Act (I); Application sphere of the Act (II); Land use authorities in municipalities and counties (III); Protection of cultivation and arable land (IV); Partition of agricultural land (V); Expropriation and valuation (VI); Miscellaneous provisions (VII).Chapter IV provides for the protection of agricultural use of land and the protection of agricultural land against misuse by men.

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