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    July, 2015

    This National Policy to Fight Desertification and Mitigate the Effects of Drought aims at performing the following activities: to prevent and combat desertification and recovery the degraded areas within the national territory; to prevent, adapt and mitigate the effects of drought throughout the country; to establish mechanisms of protection, preservation, conservation and restoration of natural resources; to harmonize socially and environmentally in a sustainable way the production and use of water resources through captation, storage and water pipeline infrastructures; to encourage scient

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    January, 2017

    This Decree, consisting of 7 articles and six Annexes, approves the Table of Classification of the Urban and Rural Land Uses and Activities of the Distrito Federal. In the Classification of Urban and Rural Uses and Activities of the Federal District, the activities are framed in the following uses: I - Urban: (A) residential as set out in Annex I; (B) as set out in Annex II; (C) industrial, as set out in Annex III; (D) institutional, as set out in Annex IV; (E) provision of services as set out in Annex V; II - Rural, as set out in Annex VI.

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    December, 2014

    This Law, consisting of 3 Chapters divided into 22 articles, establishes the principles, guidelines and objectives of the Territorial Development Policy of the State of Bahia, and creates the State Council of Territorial Development (CEDETER) and the Territorial Sustainable Development Collegial Agencies (CODETERs). It establishes spaces of social participation and relationship between the representations of the civil society and government authorities federal, state and municipal.

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    May, 2016

    This Decree, consisting of 4 Chapters, regulates the selection process for the families beneficiary of the National Agrarian Reform. This Decree specifies the following issues: the selection of families candidates for being beneficiaries of the National Agrarian Reform Programme - PNRA, the verification of the beneficiary's conditions for staying in the Programme and the illegal occupation of the settlement projects, the provisional and definitive titling of the granted plots and the allocation of the remaining areas belonging to the land reform settlement projects.

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    May, 2017

    This Decree, consisting of 14 articles, regulates item V of the caput of art. 17 of Law 8,629 of 25 February 1993, providing for the settlement credits within the agrarian reform programme. It is incumbent upon the National Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform - INCRA to grant the concession of the settlement credits provided for in this Decree. The concession of the settlement credits will be issued by a federal financial institution contracted by INCRA for this purpose, with no bidding.

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    Reports & Research
    January, 2010

    Com seu processo de urbanização virtualmente concluído, muitas cidades latino-americanas têm respondido cada vez mais ao desafio de superar o legado de décadas de exclusão social. No Brasil, anos de pressão dos movimentos sociais colocaram a questão do acesso   terra urbana e a igualdade social no topo da lista das agendas política e de desenvolvimento. Confrontado com as diferenças sociais criadas por uma das sociedades mais desiguais do mundo, a resposta do Brasil foi a de mudar a Constituição a fim de promover uma reforma fundamental de longo prazo na din¢mica urbana.

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