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    December, 2013

    Study of the effects of land use on water and soil quality change at Kuan Kreng peatlands was divided in 3 parts: water quality, soil quality, and the effects of water and soil quality to utility of people in Kuan Kreng peatlands. The result of the studies found that water quality in Kuan Kreng peatlands had pH, temperature, dissolve oxygen, BOD, and ammonia-nitrogen as between 2.00-5.78, 25.1-28.9 deg C, 8.4-87.0 NTU, 1.1-5.4 mg/l, 2.5-31.1 mg/l and 0.0252-0.1939 mg/l, respectively. While highest phosphate-phosphorus was 0.0752 mg/l and lowest could not be detected.

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