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  1. Library Resource
    Denmark, Europe, Northern Europe

    This Act ensures that settlements provide adequate security safety and health issues, it ensures that buildings and property on undeveloped land are of satisfactory quality, that damage repairs are promoted, as well as disability accessibility, that architectural quality in construction promotes measures to increase construction productivity, ensures measures to deter unnecessary resource consumption in buildings.This Act consists of 5 Chapters: Purpose and scope (1); Requirements for construction, decoration and maintenance of buildings and property developed land (2); Fire measures for ch

  2. Library Resource

    Lov om ændring af lov om mark- og vejfred.

    Denmark, Europe, Northern Europe

    The purpose of this Act is to partly amend Act No. 61, in particular the legitimation right for removal of domestic livestock (fur animals, rabbits, birds) from sites where they have caused damages to vegetation, soil, etc. Animal killing methods may be applied after a year from warning. Caution is required if the animal attack other animals or pose an immediate risk to persons or property.

    Amends: Act on fields and road peace (No. 61 of 2007). (2007-01-19)

  3. Library Resource

    Bekendtgørelse om ansvarsforsikring for landinspektørvirksomhed.

    Denmark, Europe, Northern Europe

    The execution of cadastral work and inspection shall be performed by a surveyor covered by insurance policy for liabilities in omissions committed by the surveyor or by the surveyor's staff. The insurance entity must be registered in an EU country and must be in addition to other existing insurances on losses due to the performance of cadastral survey.

  4. Library Resource

    Bekendtgørelse af lov om indkøbsforeninger for mindre virksomheder i landdistrikterne

    Denmark, Europe, Northern Europe

    The Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries may approve the statutes of purchasing pools for small businesses in rural areas. It shall lay down rules on supervisory performance and oversees that the associations utilize the given loans in accordance with this Act.

  5. Library Resource

    Bekendtgørelse af lov om mark- og vejfred.

    Denmark, Europe, Northern Europe

    The purpose of this Act is to enforce upon anyone keeping livestock, full damage liability in case their domestic animals are itinerant elsewhere outside the assigned (privately owned) land.

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