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  1. Library Resource
    February, 2006

    The present Decree approves the Regulation which shall govern the installation and functioning of waste landfills. Article 2 defines the application scope. The Regulation shall apply to establishments engaged in the management of non hazardous waste. There are hereby established the conditions for the acceptance of waste at landfills. Inspections shall be carried out to ensure that emission limit standards are not exceeded, in order to prevent air and water pollution.

    Repealed by: Decree repealing the Regulation on the landfill of waste. (2006-07-05)

  2. Library Resource
    Andorra, Europe, Southern Europe

    The present Decree, which repeals Decree of 22 February 2006 on the landfill of waste, establishes the regulatory framework applicable to the installation and functioning of waste landfills. In addition, it sets out measures for the measurements and checks to be carried out by establishments engaged in the landfill of waste with a view to preventing emissions into the atmosphere and waters. Furthermore, the Decree lays down conditions for waste management.

    Repeals: Regulation on the landfill of waste. (2006-02-22)

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