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    June, 1958

    This Act imposes levies, duties and charges on land in relation with the development of or transactions in land in a Special Development Area, i.e. an area declared as such by the Minister pursuant to this Act. The Act also concerns the valuation of land for tax purposes, appeals against decisions of the Commissioner of Taxpayer Audit and Assessment with the Revenue Court and legal proceedings in respect of land for which no tax was paid.

    Implemented by: Land Development Duty Regulations. (1976)

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    February, 1958

    This Act makes provision for the appointment of Town and Country Planning Authority, the constitution of the Advisory Planning Committee and the establishment of the Compensation Assessment Board and provides rules relative to the development of land and related matters.The Act grants the power to the Authority to issue development orders and prescribes conditions and procedures for the preparation, confirmation and modification of such orders and of provisional development orders. Development orders shall provide rules for the development of land in a specified area.

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    Legislation & Policies
    March, 1958

    Act No. XVII OF 1958 The 24th March 1958

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    Manuals & Guidelines
    November, 1958
    Dominican Republic

    SUMILLA : Regularización de los Condominios en la Republicana Dominicana. RESUMEN:  Ley de Registro Inmobiliario es el registro del derecho de propiedad principal y las cargas y gravámenes susceptibles de registro sobre el derecho de propiedad registrado.

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