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Guide to Organizing and Working with Community-based Paralegals

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July 2019
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This manual is intended to be a practical learning aid and helpful reference guide for community-based paralegals and organizations running community-based paralegal programs.

It shows how paralegals equip people to know law, use law, and shape law. It closes with a chapter on how organizations can best support the work of paralegals, including recruitment, payment, and training. 

Illustrated with cartoons drawn by a paralegal who’s also an artist, the guide is full of hard-earned, concrete wisdom on questions like: how to facilitate a legal literacy session, how to write an effective complaint letter to an administrative agency, and how to combine multiple cases facing a common blockage into a “mass case.”

Insights and examples in the guide are drawn from ongoing legal empowerment efforts in Myanmar, though these lessons can be applied anywhere. The guide was produced by Namati Myanmar and MyJustice.

Find the Myanmar-language version of this guide here:

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Namati: Innovations in Legal Empowerment

Namati is an international organization that tests the potential of legal empowerment through innovative interventions and research. Through our work, we seek a better understanding of the impacts of legal empowerment and the most effective mechanisms for achieving them. 

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